Wednesday, November 2, 2011

when i was just a young girl growing up,
finding my own place in this sometimes horrid and cruel world,
i also watched this young boy find his way in the world-
passed out drunk in gutters,
black gothic make-up running from his eyes,
surfed like a demon,
walked like jesus on water....

back then,
i didnt realize what an impact he would make on my life....
i introduce you to- JAI LEE
pretty much one of the most honest humans i have ever met...

you know when someone ask's you in idle chit chat,
"how are you today?"
like they are actually interested in the 4 year break up you just went through,
or the death of your elderly grandfather...
maybe your cat ran away?
or maybe you had the most brilliant day ever,
in the history of having the most brilliant days....
well this is the guys that will actually stop,
(possibly pull a cold beer for the two of you from his back pocket)
and sit and listen till the sun sets, and time ran away from you..
but you leave feeling like someone cared...
yep, thats jai lee...

follow his tumblr-
he is as dark as a storm rolling through the skies,
and as inspirational as god might be if he were real...

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