Tuesday, July 19, 2011

i see them, in you.x

i woke up that morning, and had that dull, dry feeling........
SHIT- i went out last night.....
gasping for water, i feel around for potential hydration....
lie still
make less movement
this feeling might be like a prowling tiger-
and miss it's next feed...
a cracker headache kicks in, and yes, its undeniable....
i went out!

i can hear my flatmate's talking and groaning in the room next door.
its time to re-group and talk of the nights shenanigans....
uncontrollable giddy laughter spills through the walls,
and furious accusations fly around the room like a remote controlled plane on high.

then i remember that i took my camera out to dinner,
(which of course is never JUST dinner- when will i learn?)
time for the truth, pictures never lie.

click- reload,
black and white setting's
table top's for a bird's eye view
down low- too slow

sometimes i look at my friends and think
that maybe this is it,
maybe we are the only real rock stars
ill ever meet in my life...
(this imaging makes me happy)
you look like modern rockers
you act like modern rockers
not too sure what a modern rocker would smell like-
but i bet it wouldn't be as good as you do right now.....

i love my life,
with my humble rock star lovers to share every grueling moment with...

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