Friday, June 24, 2011

11:11 loves alida buffalo....x

"Created by Kit Scholley (freelance stylist), Alida Buffalo is an online Vintage Boutique,
bringing you the most beautiful, glamorous and unique vintage clothes."
but Alida Buffalo is so much more...
and the girl behind the idea is really SOMETHING ELSE!!!
this girl can style, photograph, blog and merchandise like nothing you have ever seen.
every photo shoot you have ever imagined doing- she has styled and done.
with such whimsical/gothic flavors,
it makes you want to hide from the sun in a faraway land's,
where studded collars and velvet capes are protocol, to walk your black panther at night...
she has a warm kaleidoscope heart, with the most talented wild eyes!!
combined, was born- "Alida Buffalo"
check out the online store for her unique finds...
you wont be disappointed...
(Kit is shooting 11:11 next week,
so when i get the photo's back ill be sure to post an update...)

we love you Kit Scholley aka Alida Buffalo..

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