Wednesday, July 21, 2010

i miss america!

how time flies....
(photos from our recent trip to california/coachella/grand canyon/vegas/san diego)
my beautiful friend michelle anne o'neill,
is not just one clever little photo taker,
(as above)
but she is our good land of the long white cloud friend.
who no matter what odds,
she'll defy them,
to come and play in strange places around the world with us...
we you mishy!!
i know, i know...
its our turn to come and see you next!!
thanks for the memories


  1. oh i'm so jealous! that looked like so much fun.
    what is that camera? i love that watermelon shot.

    p.s. do you stock friend of mine?

  2. oh, haha...i just read you did...sorry i'm quite the idiot...
    for you see i'm quite obsessed with their new collection that comes out in a couple of months and was wondering if you'd be getting it in? (i'm drooling over the venice shorts!)

  3. OMG, the F.O.M range is amazing...
    and they are sending out stock in the next few weeks..
    little bit excited...
    from recollection im getting the Venice short in the black colourway...but if you want the light vintage wash, let me know!!
    i cant wait for the khaki shirts...WOW!!
    ill update styles on here as they arrive!!

  4. p.s- the camera was a lomography- fish eye!! she is a very clever lady...glad you like!!x

  5. oh great :) yes, i would buy pretty much the entire collection...the shorts in black would be nice too, ah decisions! i must pop in when they get here.