Wednesday, May 19, 2010

MAGICAL roll film.....

It never ceases to amaze my tiny (photographic knowledge) brain,
on how, exactly, roll film works..
(lets not even go into digital, oh gosh.. lets not!!)

ive had many in depth discussion's with very well informed people,
and the idea of light hitting a small piece of dark brown film and burn the image on it,
still does not make sense...

instead i care to favour,
the idea of magical things happening in the small contraption you hold in your hand...
point, shoot, and BAM!!!!

maybe its the way we all cry "CHEESE",
that scares the small photo lab mice in the camera silly!
enough to makes them run and quickly paint/scratch/draw
what they see out of the clear looking hole...
im really not too sure....
and do not care to know too much more...

its fun,
and makes me giggle at the way you start to look at the world...
the way you look at your street,
you pets,
your friends....

no matter how poor the image,
its has captured exactly what i was trying to do at the time..
a moment

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