Monday, May 28, 2012


after living in beautiful Byron Bay for over 6 years now,
you get to see a lot of things change and evolve...
you get to see people, change and evolve..
it really is, a very special thing....
i have been lucky enough to know Kent Wright (aka- the suspect) for the full 6 years,
and my dear, 
he is a great example of the metaphorical butterfly im talking about..
without boring you with details,
i introduce to you THE HATED!
"they are bringing in a new wave of Australian hip hop with a raw vibe.
bringing mosh pit music to the dance floor."
the local trio- Leeze, Griffin Brain and The suspect will shock you with rap lyrics, 
drawn from years of punk rock, skating and party life and times...
i was lucky enough to finally go and see them perform live over the weekend.
and im proud to say, 
i was totally impressed with the ferocity and energy the trio exerted in a sold out capacity!!
cant wait for more shows..
follow them!!


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